Formal encounters


Departing from the subject of fetish, the artist Jorge Statorre (Mexico City, 1979) was commissioned to create a piece exclusively for this exhibition. This work, titled Encuentros formales (Formal encounters), bares relation with his interest in the symbolic function of details, the anecdotal and the seemingly insignificant. As a starting point, Satorre examined illustrations by Miguel Covarrubias found in the Casa Barragán and Universidad de las Américas (Puebla) archives, as well as the books illustrated by the caricaturist which are part of the house’s library.

Collaborations with caricaturists and illustrators have been a constant in the work of Jorge Satorre. The selection of details in the illustrations and sketches—such as the hands and feet—and the formal solution to transform illustrations into sculptures are a nod towards the symbolic function of the fetish, that takes the object as a surrogate of erotic desire.