Estancia FEMSA is a cultural and artistic platform hosted by Casa Luis Barragán with the support of Colección FEMSA. Curated by Eugenia Braniff and Patrick Charpenel, the initiative presents a series of exhibitions, interventions, performances, academic activities and editorial content that dialogue with the historical context offered by the house, as well as the heritage of Luis Barragán, one of the most relevant architects of the 21st Century.

The curatorial program introduces internationally acclaimed artists whose work invites the spectator to ponder about the possibilities of the modern and contemporary art disciplines within a particular context.



Curatorial Program
Eugenia Braniff
Patrick Charpenel

Antonio Zorrilla
[email protected]


Oficina Estancia FEMSA
Gobernador Luis G. Vieyra #38 Int.10,
San Miguel Chapultepec II Secc.,
Miguel Hidalgo, 11850, Ciudad de México

[email protected]
+52 (55) 84353928